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Caliburn has been used in the development of products for state and local governments, startups and even multi-billion dollar corporations. Many of these projects cannot be publicly discussed, but we have a small sample of the ones that can below. If you are currently working on an application that uses Caliburn, please contact us. We would love to discuss adding it to the gallery.

NHibernate Profiler

NHibernate Profiler is a real-time visual debugger allowing a development team to gain valuable insight and perspective into their practice of using NHibernate or Hibernate. The product is architected with input coming from many top industry leaders within the NHibernate community. Alerts are presented in a concise code-review manner indicating patterns of misuse by your application. To streamline your efforts to correct the misuse, we provide links to the problematic code section that triggered the alert. This product primarily takes advantage of Caliburn's Actions and Commands. Development was started towards the end of 2008 and was influential on Caliburn's implementation of IViewStrategy, the IPresenter model and the IDispatcher. More information about the product can be found here.

Current Activity

Clean Water Services

The local stormwater/wastewater utility near Portland, OR needed an application to report on the status of equipment in the treatment plants. This app was developed for Toughbook CF-U1 handhelds with a 7” screen – so everything is huge (and simple) on purpose.

Stormwater Pin
Stormwater Checklist

MapDotNet UX Studio

MapDotNet UX Studio is a Windows™ desktop application that provides a rich and user friendly interface for designing interactive maps. Users can visualize and design all types of interactive maps using Studio, including thematic maps, overlay maps, and data-driven dynamic maps. These interactive maps can then be shared with others, integrated into desktop applications, or exported to a MapDotNet UX Web Services server where they can be served up for use in enterprise applications. The development of this product was being done while Caliburn's alpha was being prepared. As such, it doesn't use Caliburn.Core.dll or Caliburn.PresentationFramework.dll but borrowed directly from the Caliburn source code base as well as inspired several of its features, such as the IPresenter model.

MapDotNet UX Studio

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