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Caliburn vs. Caliburn.Micro

In general, prefer to use Caliburn.Micro over Caliburn. It is a smaller, simpler framework. It can probably do everything you need and can easily be customized on a per-application basis. Below is a list (probably not-comprehensive) of some of the things that are different between the two frameworks:
  • While both frameworks use a Bootstrapper, Caliburn has many more configuration options.
  • IoC abstraction is much more involved in Caliburn than Micro. Also, Caliburn maintains adapters for major containers.
  • Caliburn services are pluggable via interface. Micro is partially pluggable via public static Fun<...> fields for major features.
  • Caliburn supports AOP and Micro does not.
  • Caliburn has a Validation abstraction. Micro does not.
  • Caliburn has a module framework. Micro does not.
  • Caliburn has an infrastructure for background processing and ExpressionTree-Based runtime delegate generation. Micro does not.
  • Caliburn has a much more advanced Inflector than Micro.
  • Caliburn has a Testability framework.
  • Caliburn has a ViewModelFactory. Micro does not.
  • Caliburn's Parameter implementation can handle "dotting" through properties. Micro cannot.
  • Caliburn supports filters. Micro only supports a Can* guard to Action execution.
  • Micro's Trigger/Action mechanism is built on System.Windows.Interactivity. Caliburn's is custom (it predates the MS implementation).
  • Caliburn has a full Dispatcher abstraction. Micro only abstract UI thread invocation.
  • Caliburn has screen subjects. Micro does not.
  • Micro does not support custom IViewStrategies or the ViewAttribute.
  • Caliburn caches metadata and attempts to optimize a lot more.
  • The conventions implementations are drastically different between the two, though the support the same conventions.
  • Caliburn has abstractions for DeepLinking storage and IsolatedStorage while Micro does not.
  • Caliburn has an InputManager. Micro does not.
  • Caliburn has a ShellFramework. Micro does not.

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