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Caliburn v1.1 RTW

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Released: Jun 28, 2010
Updated: Jul 1, 2010 by EisenbergEffect
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Application Caliburn v1.1
application, 34826K, uploaded Jun 28, 2010 - 5471 downloads

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Application Caliburn v1.1 Assemblies Only
application, 6144K, uploaded Jun 28, 2010 - 597 downloads
Application Caliburn v1.1 Assemblies, Docs and Samples
application, 16202K, uploaded Jul 1, 2010 - 2265 downloads

Release Notes

Since January's v1.1 RC, we've been hard at work pinpointing bugs and squashing them. We've also updated Caliburn to work with the latest version of .NET and Silverlight.

Explanation of Downloads
Caliburn v1.1 - An installer that will add all assemblies at /ProgramFiles/Blue Spire Consulting/Caliburn along with the documentation. The samples will be installed in a similar path rooted at the ProgramData folder.

Caliburn v1.1 Assemblies Only - A Zip containing only the Caliburn assemblies and their dependencies.

Caliburn v1.1 Assemblies, Docs and Samples - A Zip file containing everything that the installer does.

Note: Downloading these files through the Chrome browser sometimes causes corruption.

Changes made since the V1.1 RC
-Fixed an issue in the WPF version of InteractionNode.
-Fixed an event invocation order issue and a parameter update issue related to routed messages.
-Updated Spring.NET to version 1.3.0.
-Made DefaultWindowManager more friendly to WPF's NavigationWindow.
-Fixed a bug with non-modal window shutdown in DefaultWindowManager.
-Fixed a core bug in custom attribute discovery.
-Enabled routed messages to declare default handlers. Now ActionMessage declares a default handler for its DataContext. This solves several Menu routing issues.
-Fixed the apparently completely broken MEF adapter.
-Greatly improved the flexibility of the DefaultViewStrategy.
-Fixed a bug in the WPF DispatcherImpelmentation.
-Fixed a bug in PresenterManager and MultiPresenterManager which caused screen changes to the same screen.
-Enabled view chaching for Silverlight.
-Fixed some bugs in the LOB samples.
-Added Hyperlink/HyerlinkButton element defaults.
-Update StructureMap to version 2.6.1.
-Updated Windsor to version 2.1.1.
-Added official support for .NET 4.0.
-Fixed a bug in MultiPresenterManager for .NET 4.0.
-Updated to MEF Preview 9.
-Applied a patch from Adam Connelly to add AddRange to BindableCollection and IObservableCollection.
-Update Ninject to official 2.0 release.
-Fixed a bug in the Disable IAvailabilityEffect which was preventing it from handling ContentElements in WPF correctly.
-Fixed a bug in the AvailabilityEffectConverter related to resolving custom effects from the container.
-Enabled actions to search for handlers by routing through TemplatedParents in WPF.
-Fixed a bug with expression tree method calls in .NET 4.0.
-Enabled the dispatcher's default DispatcherPriority to be configured.
-Applied a patch by varely to fix binding validation against properties with underscores in their name.
-Updated Prism to the October 2009 release.
-Updated the AutofacAdapter to support AutoFac 2.0.
-Changed IsolatedStorageStateManager to use GetUserStoreForDomain for WPF and GetUserStoreForApplication for Silverlight. The method which gets the storage file is now overridable as well.
-Changed Presenters to raise lifecycle events after initialization/activation/etc are complete.
-Ensured that PresenterManagers do not call initialize/activate when CurrentPresenter is set unless they themselves are initialized/activated.
-Fixed a bug with WPF Parameter instances raising value changes after being removed from the tree.
-Fixed bugs in PropertyPathMonitor
-Fixed a bug in the Autofac adapter related to singleton registration.
-Enabled strong-named bulds of but only for .NET 4.0 and SL4.
-Fixed a memory leak related to the DependenciesAttribute.
-Fixed a bug in DefaultViewLocator.MakeInterface related to generic types.
-Updated Unity to the latest version.
-Updated Prism to the latest version.
-Fixed a bug in the MessageBinder.
-Fixed a bug in the contact manager sample.

See the Changes.txt for additional changes made between v1.0 and the v1.1 RC.

Reviews for this release

We need the destination folder and it will be usefull if you provide the VS2010 sources. And... where is the documented release 2.0?
by LeonardoSalvatore on Jan 27, 2011 at 1:38 PM
very great
by clingingboy on Dec 31, 2010 at 7:35 AM
The project and code is great. All works without any problem. But there is an issue with installer. It doesn't allow to specify installation folder. And there is no zip pack provided for full release (i.e. with samples and documentation). Also samples comes with _Resharper folders.
by zihotki on Jun 30, 2010 at 9:53 PM