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v1.1 Release Candidate

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Released: Jan 18, 2010
Updated: Jan 19, 2010 by EisenbergEffect
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Application Caliburn v1.1 Release Candidate
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Release Notes

Since our v1 release of Caliburn in October, we’ve had a healthy amount of bug fixes and feature improvements. The community has really gotten involved and contributed in a big way. The result of this contribution is the forthcoming v1.1. It’s a release almost entirely created based on feedback and patches from the community, with very little of my own ideas involved. Below is a list of fixes/improvements if you care to dig into the gritty details:
  • Added pre-initialization hooks to CaliburnApplication via Marco Amendola's patch.
  • Redesign of IThreadPool. AsynchronousAction will now pass itself as state when enqueing the background task.
  • Closed ticket #4672 by making PropertyChangedBase.PropertyChanged virtual.
  • Applied jagregory's patch to add single key gestures to WPF and Caliburn.
  • Applied marcoamendola's patch for enabling property path syntax with Preview and Dependency attributes. So you can now do things like Dependencies("Model.IsValid").
  • Applied marcoamendola's patch enabling type hinting for polymorphic databinding in Caliburn.Testability.
  • Applied etobi's patch to greatly improve Caliburn's parameter parsing in ActionMessages and CommandMessages. See for an explanation.
  • Closed ticket #4826. DefaultWindowManager now sets WindowStartupLocation to CenterOwner for UserControls hosted in windows. Title was enhanced to databind to IPresenter.DisplayName if model implements this interface.
  • Closed ticket #4833. Fixed an issue with ViewMetadata and invalid Windows in DefaultViewStrategy.
  • Fixed a bug with DefaultWindowManager which caused errors when creating main windows from a user control.
  • Improved the flexibility of the DefaultViewStrategy. It no longer requires separate namespaces for ViewModels/Views.
  • Closed ticket #4865. Fixed a bug in MultiPresenterManager which affects multiple presenter shutdown.
  • Applied sedovav's fix to the Spring adapter.
  • Enhanced DefaultViewStrategy's exception to report searched for types when view location fails.
  • Applied cheesus' recommendations to add unwire capability to IEventHandler.
  • Improved PresenterManager and MultiPresenterManager such that all changes to CurrentPresenter go through ChangeCurrentPresenterCore.
  • Bug fixes and improvements to DependenciesAttribute, PreviewAttribute, DependencyObserver and PropertyPathMonitory.
  • Added strongly-typed property change notification to PropertyChangedBase.
  • Fixed a bug in the SimpleContainer related to generic component registration.
  • Added ILifecycleNotifier.AttemptingShutdown which gets fired before the CanShutdownCore method on PresenterBase is called.
  • Fixed a bug in AsnychronousAction related to IPreExecute, BlocksInteraction and AffectsTriggers.
  • Added IWindowManager and DefaultWindowManager for SL3 and SL4.
  • Fixed a few bugs in property change testing.
  • Fixed a bug in the MEFAdapter.
  • Fixed a bug in the design-time support for Availability Effects in the AvailabilityEffectConverter.
  • Updated to Castle Windsor 2.1, Dynamic Proxy 2.2. Added official Windsor support for Silverlight 3.0 and 4.0
  • Fixed a minor bug in View Contexts.
  • Enabled WPF Action parameters to bind to default event/property by specifying only an element name as the arg.
  • Added the Silverlight Navigation Sample to How Tos.
  • Created three different build-*.cmd for the major build scenarios.

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