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Caliburn V1 RTW

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Released: Oct 26, 2009
Updated: Dec 5, 2009 by EisenbergEffect
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Application Caliburn v1
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Example Silverlight Navigation Shell v1.1
example, 1365K, uploaded Dec 5, 2009 - 1196 downloads

Release Notes

We have finally reached RTW! Below is a list of changes since RC3:

-The DefaultBinder will now throw on type activation failure.
-Made a change to the implementation of PresentationFrameworkModule.IsInDesignMode.
-Removed Silverlight Windsor support because it apparently never worked.
-Fixed some inconsistencies between the implementations of IStateManager by transforming various implementation methods into extension methods and adding a missing concept.
-Fixed an inconsistency in the Open extension method. Added an extension point to the DefaultViewStrategy that will make it easier to work with proxied models.
-A minor change to allow custom "rewriting" of the type that the DefaultBinder inspects. This will help with proxy scenarios. Just override GetModelType and return the underlying type. The same is true for DefaultViewStrategy. For the ActionFactory, override SelectMethods.
-Fixed bugs in the View.Context and View.Strategy attached properties.
-Fixed a bug in the AttachedEventTriggerParser.cs. We no longer query against dynamic assemblies.
-Fixed a bug in the DefaultWindowManager. Fixed some compile errors in the LOB samples that resulted from some recent API fixes.
-Added an IContainer interface which is a combination of IServiceLocator and IConfigurator. Implemented this on all the Adapters and registered this interface will all underlying containers. Fixed some bugs in the container adapter implementations.
-Added an interface, IExtendedPresenter, which represents all presenter related capabilities. It is implemented by PresenterBase.
-Fixed a major inconsistency with the IDispatcher and Execute APIs.
-Added an extension point to MultiPresenter and MultiPresenterManager to allow a subclass to alter the default partial shutdown behavior.
-Added the ability for a module to execute custom code just after framework startup by using the AfterStart method. Fixed some API inconsistencies in modules
-Added a CancelResult exception which can be thrown or passed from an IResult in order to stop the enumeration of multiple results. This exception will not be bubbled up.
-Added Prism integration!!!
-Added WPF and Silverlight samples demonstrating how to configure Prism with Caliburn!!
-Fixed a problem with the build file.
-Fixed a bug in the way the MessageParserBase was parsing parameters.
-Fixed a bug in the DefaultBinder which caused convention binding of IPresenter properties to fail if the property was readonly.
-Made some improvements to AttachedEventTriggerParser.
-Fixed the NinjectAdapter and the StructureMapAdapter.
-Fixed databinding conventions in data templates for items controls.
-Fixed a compilation error in the BackgroundProcessing how to.
-Renamed DependencyHelper to DependencyObserver and made it a publicly available component.
-Fixed some bugs with Dependent Actions, where triggers were being re-evaluated even when their own dependencies had not changed.
-Enabled PreviewAttribute to work with Methods AND Properties. So you can now have a Save action and a CanSave Property which is hooked up. If you follow this naming convention, the filter will be added automatically. Finally, used the new DependencyObserver to allow Preview properties to be re-evaluated when a PropertyChange notification is raised for the preview property. As always, this works for Actions and Commands.
-Made an improvement to AttachedEventTriggerParser so that it only investigates types which inherit from DependencyObject for events.
-Enabled View.Context to flow through to the ItemTemplate of an ItemsControl when using convention bindings.
-Made Caliburn/Prism integration even smoother.
-Made more methods of DefaultBinder protected virtual.
-Fixed a bug in the LOB sample.
-Made some minor improvements to IExtendedPresenter.
-Fixed a bug in AttachedEventTriggerParser. It now searches DependencyObject descendants and static classes for events.

See the Changes.txt for more details.

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