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Blogs, Articles and Related Projects

Below are a list of blogs, articles and projects related to Caliburn in some way. If you are writing or building anything with Caliburn, we would love to discuss getting you on the site.

Prism Stock Trader with Caliburn

You may or may not be familiar with the Prism Stockc Trader. It is a reference application created by the p&p team at Microsoft for the purpose of demonstrating solid testable UI architecture. It addresses several issues related to composite application development. It is an excellent application to study and learn from. Marco Amendola is going further by taking the Stock Trader and converting it to take advantage of Caliburn. You can follow his efforts on his blog.

Testing with Caliburn and unhaddins

unhaddins is a project led by Fabio Maulo. It's goal is to provide you with an all-in-one stop shop for NHibernate based projects. It has some nice extensions for basic NHibernate development and some specific work around using NHibernate on WPF projects. José F. Romaniello is using unhaddins to build his Chinook Media Manager. While he is not using Caliburn for the architecture, he is using it for testing. Here, you can find a very nice bit of code that uses Caliburn to test all his application's view models. You may also be interested in following the the development of his media manager on his blog.

Build an Application with Caliburn And Prism

Ryan Rauh is responsible for adding the Prism integration for Caliburn. If you are interested in using Prism and Caliburn together, have a look at his blog series Build an Application with Caliburn And Prism.

Extending Binding Conventions

Nigel Sampson has an excellent post on extending Caliburn's DefaultBinder service with control binding conventions.


Please visit my blog where you can read more about Caliburn. I will be running some how to's and talking more extensively about UI architecture.

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